This week we ran an Associated Press story about an 81-year-old Arizona man who was arrested in a bank robbery.

According to the story, the man has a prison record dating back to the ‘60s. He reportedly told police he robbed the credit union because he wanted to get caught and return to prison. The reason: His monthly $800 Social Security check was not enough for him to pay his living expenses.

Could most people get by on $800 a month? I don’t know if I could. It would be very difficult.

Rent or a mortgage payment would take up most, if not all, of the $800. Add utility payments, food expenses and other basic necessities and the money is gone as quickly as it is received.

Although I am not encouraging people to try to get into prison, maybe in this case it is what’s best for the elderly bank robber. He gets shelter and food and can live out what remains of his life in an environment that is familiar and acceptable to him.

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