A story about National Waffle Day, which was Monday, caught my attention.

What I found most interesting is that, according to the sources in the story, every day of the year is a special “day” for something edible.

Becoming even more intrigued, I started checking things like empanadas, tamales, tacos, burritos and nachos, some of my favorite things to eat, and I found there is a day for each.

I also found there are days for doughnuts, chocolate covered cherries, catfish, walnuts, mustard and corn candy, just to name a few. There’s also a National Peach Melba Day. Seriously, there is.

I then tested the system, just to see if I could find something edible without a day attached to it. And after what seemed like an eternity on Google, I found that there is no day honoring frybread. So, considering how easy it apparently is for people to name days after anything they wish, I hereby declare today, which is supposed to be National Cherry Popsicle Day, to instead be, National Frybread Day.


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