I found it interesting that two of last year’s winter Yuma Sun/Yuma Rotary Club Players of the Year transferred elsewhere this school year.

Nicholas Steele, last year’s Wrestler of the Year while a sophomore at San Pasqual, is now at Cibola. Ariana Leamons, last year’s Girls Soccer Player of the Year while a sophomore at Yuma Catholic, is now apparently at Millennium High School in Goodyear.

Obviously Steele’s transfer was from one local school to another, whereas Leamons’ was not. But both are cases of star athletes at small schools moving to bigger schools.

I can never blame a star athlete for transferring from a small school to a big school. The truth is, neither Steele nor Leamons was particularly challenged at their former school and the much better competition they should see at their new school should greatly benefit them.

I wish both the best of luck at their new schools.

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