Did you know that today is National Cookie Day?

Yup, it certainly is, having started in 1987, according to nationaldaycalendar.com.

And according to nationaltoday.com, the Oreo is the most popular cookie in America; 54 percent of Americans prefer homemade cookies; and seven percent, nearly 1-in-10 Americans, have never baked their own cookies.

Myself, I’ve made “Wicked Witch Finger” cookies at Halloween, which were, well, OK, and I once made “Stained Glass” cookies for my wife on Valentine’s Day.

My favorite, all-time cookie, however, is something called a correcochie, which I’m told got its name from the shape, which looked like a little circular pig tail. My nana would make them – they were like her specialty – and send them over to our house with my tata, and my brother and I would devour them.

When my tata delivered them, they would still be warm out of the oven, and he’d warn us that if we ate all of them right then we’d get sick.

Well, I’m here to tell you that is not true.

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