Have you heard about the owl in Oregon that’s making headlines for being a real jerk?

This truly owly owl landed in the news when it became infamous for attacking joggers who pass by its perch.

One jogger in Salem reports being struck so violently that he – a surgeon – thought he was having an aneurysm on the spot. His friends have been attacked, too.

This dangerous bird quickly earned the attention of local authorities – and national news personalities, such as Rachel Maddow.

She made fun of signs that have been posted around the naughty bird’s lair, with the sign showing a stick figure about to be walloped by an ill-tempered owl streaking in for the kill. (Injuries upon the popular aside, the sign IS pretty hilarious).

“Fans” of the owl have even launched a campaign to name the critter.

The winner so far is a real screecher – “Owlcapone.”

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