I frequently find myself singing TV theme songs from long-extinct programs. My brain seems to have a repository specifically for song lyrics, and I’m often surprised by what lurks in there.

But when it comes to TV show themes, oftentimes, it rotates around shows that my little sisters obsessed over.

So this week, I stumbled on a story announcing that Disney is rebooting DuckTales. This show was one of the ones that my sisters simply loved, and watched repeatedly, much to my dismay.

A few hours after reading the story, I was still singing the show’s theme song, “DuckTales …woo-ooo!”

I have very little desire to watch a reboot. But I do like the thought of introducing it to my niece. By 2017, when the show hits the air, she’ll be 3 … and then, she can sing it to my sister all day long. That might just be a little poetic justice.

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