We’re midway through September, and one of my least favorite things is suddenly everywhere: pumpkin spice.

I was recently in a store, and could smell it on everything. Turns out the clerk was spraying “pumpkin spice” air freshener around the room.

I am not a big fan of it, but I think what really gets me is the hype.

September rolls around, and suddenly it’s everywhere.

“Good Morning America” even did a story on all the items they found in the grocery store … Oreos, Greek yogurt, almonds, coffee.... Nothing is spared a trip down the pumpkin spice road.

Now, once November rolls around, we’ll switch to mint or chocolate mint. That’s a flavor I can get behind. It’s delicious happiness.

I suppose I need to be patient. After all, others may be as intolerant of mint as I am of pumpkin spice. But I think either way, we should all agree to put the air fresheners away.

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