I don’t watch much TV. In fact, almost none. For one thing, I don’t own a TV, so anything I choose to watch is streamed online.

Ever since high school my lifestyle and occupations have just never allowed me the time. Not that I would have had much interest anyway. An occasional movie, sure, count me in. Season upon season of mind-numbing TV series? NO thanks.

But the real reason for my disdain for Hollywood? Put as politely as I can, I do not need to hear political views from actors -- people who make their living pretending to be somebody else. Nor do I want to hear about climate change or international relations from somebody who plays with a ball for a living. Actors and athletes, just do what you do and stop trying to convince us you know what you’re talking about outside your fantasy world. I’ll decide for myself what I need to care about, thanks very much.

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