Every year, the Yuma Sun newsroom team spends some time going over the past year’s editions in search of the top 10 stories.

And wow, was 2014 a busy year! It’s been filled to the brim with news.

In the last year, a new mayor and councilmembers were sworn in at Yuma City Hall, and we’ve had elections for several local and state offices. In fact, Sen. Don Shooter, Lynne Pancrazi and Rep. Lisa Otondo were re-elected, while a new face, Charlene Fernandez, will head to Phoenix to represent us.

But it wasn’t all election news. Yuma has been working hard to bring a veterans home to the area.

And the work didn’t stop there. We’re also striving to become the healthiest county in America, and we’ve seen amazing progress at Yuma Regional Medical Center, with the opening of the new cancer center, and work on the new emergency department.

Yuma Catholic High School brought another state football championship here. And speaking of education, voters approved two bond initiatives for Crane and Yuma Elementary School District 1, as well as a new joint technical education district.

And, lest we forget, the Navy named a ship after Yuma, and the John M. Roll Courthouse was dedicated. We also had two change of command ceremonies, as we welcomed new leadership at both Marine Corps Air Station Yuma and Yuma Proving Ground.

Sadly, however, the news wasn’t all positive.

There were a few shootings in 2014, including a high-profile incident at Lin’s Buffet.

We continued to struggle with both high unemployment and food insecurity, as the need at the Yuma Community Food Bank reached record highs.

The city saw a bit of debate over issues like the water and sewer rates, delinquent water bill payments and food truck ordinances, while Yuma County sparked its own share of discussion when it looked at raising property taxes.

And these stories? These are just the tip of the iceberg.

This weekend, the Yuma Sun staff will vote on what stories are the top 10 of the year. We’ll print the list in the Dec. 31 edition.

But I’m curious what you think, readers. Let us know – comment online at YumaSun.com, and share your thoughts on what should be the top story of the year.

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