MCAS Yuma birthday pageantry worth checking out

My husband and I took another couple to the pageantry for the Marine Corps 244th Birthday.

They did not disappoint.

I was saddened and disappointed by how few people were there for this presentation. They did miss out.

Thank you ALL for your service

Jean Pool


Care at Southwestern Eye Center was terrific

We Americans heap many expectations on the doctors, nurses and other health care workers who cure our illnesses, mend our injuries and otherwise make us feel better. But I think that having been treated, we don’t always fully appreciate what they have done to improve the quality of our lives.

Having recently undergone successful eye surgery at Southwestern Eye Center, I don’t want to let slip this opportunity to thank Dr. Nicolas Uzcategui and his professional staff for the wonderful attention they gave me.

Dr. Uzcategui was very friendly and professional, answered all my questions about the procedure I was about to undergo, and, all in all, put me at ease. And, as I have stated, the surgery was successful in improving my seeing ability.

But I also want to thank someone who works behind the scenes and may not be fully appreciated for all that he does to contribute to the well-being of Southwestern Eye Center’s patients. He is Chris Gregory, the nurse who attended to me during my procedure.

I have been hooked up to intravenous tubes more than a few times in my life, but the IV administered by Chris was without a doubt the best I have ever had. I felt no pain when he inserted the needle; in fact, I didn’t know he did it until he told me afterward.

I cannot begin to thank Dr. Uzcategui and the staff at Southwestern Eye Center for taking such wonderful care of me.

Art Laurey


Great customer service was appreciated

Last Friday I was at a grocery store. I put my purse in the scooter and had my phone on top of my purse and I was hanging onto my purse so no one would take it, not dreaming someone would steal my cellphone as I reached around to unplug the scooter from the wall. The customer service lady at the store and I looked all over for my phone and we couldn’t find it. I assumed it was a lost cause, so I went to Cricket Wireless on Fourth Avenue to see if they could possibly track it since I had the find my phone app installed.

The lady at Cricket Wireless was amazing. She was able to track my phone, and she sent a text message to my phone telling the thief the phone was being tracked to that location and that the cops were on their way, which they were. My grandson from SC also sent a text telling the thief the cop knew the address where my phone was. Long story short, Isis from the Cricket store went out of her way to not only do those things but she also stayed after she was off work to help me, even had me follow her to where my phone was last traced. After we searched the area it was last at, she headed home and I headed back to the Cricket store because I thought I’d have to buy a new phone.

Once I arrived, the girl working handed me the store phone and Isis was on it and told me the phone had been returned to the grocery store. Evidently the thief got scared and decided to take it back. I just want to thank Isis for everything she did for me and for the customer service gal at the grocery store. Because of them I didn’t have to go to the expense and the trouble of getting a new phone.

Also people need to be aware that in a split-second somebody can reach in and grab your phone from the cart. I had my hand on my purse so nobody could take it but I never dreamed somebody would take my phone off the top of it. Thanks again to Isis and the customer service representative at the grocery store. You guys are awesome. You went above and beyond to help me.

Margaret Hopper


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