Why did Yuma get so few vaccines?

After finding out that there was a shipment of COVID vaccine available in Yuma but it was only given by appointment and the appointments were all filled up, I started researching how one gets an appointment for the next shipment when it arrives.

I researched the county website, the newspaper and the website of a local news channel and got different phone numbers to contact and different methods to go through. After spending one hour on the phone and the internet and getting nowhere I called a local government employee (I won’t give his name because I don’t want him inundated with phone calls). He walked me through the process to sign up for the county’s website to make an appointment when the time comes. My concern now is that when that happens will I be able to navigate the site. If not, I have written down for phone numbers given out by the local media outlets. Question – which number do I call for help? I know the system is overwhelmed by the response but it certainly doesn’t make for a very reassuring feeling that I am going to be able to get an appointment when the time comes.

And while I am at it, how come the Phoenix area got thousands of doses – so many they were using a sports stadium to give out shots, while Yuma got very few? Don’t we count too?

Vaila Young


Despite dozens of attempts, still can’t get through

My husband is 91 and I am 86 .We both have health issues and we have tried to call the number that was in the paper and never gotten through dozens of times. I have gone online and never gotten through either several times. What do we do to sign up for the shot?

Karin Whitehead


(Editor’s Note: All vaccine appointments are currently filled, according to Yuma County officials. Follow them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/yumacountyaz) for updates. The Yuma Sun will also continue to update readers as more information is available. The Arizona Department of Health Services shared this update: “If you need technical support with podvaccine.azdhs.gov please call 602-542-1000. Those without computer access or those who need extra help to register should call 1-844-542-8201.”)

Easy fix available for vaccine’s online registration

As a computer programmer, I see an easy fix to the online vaccine appointment program which has been a source of frustration for many of us.

The problem results from the fact that this is probably the first vaccine with such a limited supply and hence the following change is needed:

When the user selects the appointment is for “covid 19” the program should immediately check for appointments and if none, the program should display “No appointments available at this time,” or else provide a drop down box of available dates. The same drop down box should be provided on the appointment page.

James Sutherland


Persistence paid off when getting vaccine

After reading all of the negative comments on the COVID-19 vaccine administration process this morning, I have to share the “flip side.”

I dialed “the hotline over and over and over (phone shows seven times from 11:44-12:10) on Friday until I finally got a human to answer. YES, I am persistent! (Stubborn???) I was then given an appointment for 11:10 a.m. on Monday.

Monday morning, I pulled into the parking lot at the Yuma County Health Department at 10:50 a.m., got my shot and was back on the road before 11:30. (This included a required wait of 15 minutes following the injection.) Such a smooth process, directed and carried out by knowledgeable, polite personnel.

J. Eppenbaugh


So much for the vaccine distribution plans

I am a 91 year old retired Korean war veteran. As a Snowbird from Oregon, I received an email from the VA Salem office, to call and register for a COVID vaccination. I did and told them I was in Yuma. They gave me the Yuma VA number to call. When I did, I was told no vaccine was available and they had no idea when it would be. I was sent to the web page and found nothing available. So much for all the high profile federal government distribution plans.

Harold E Pippin


President Trump should be impeached

Yes, I believe Donald Trump should be impeached.

Can you imagine how many lives would have been saved if he had been impeached the first time?

Allen Latham



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