Why different treatment in 1969 vs. today?

1969 vs. 2020: Today I saw something about the H3N2 virus in 1969 that killed an estimated 100,000 people in the US and 1 million people worldwide. That caused me to check out the validity and I found that it was correct. The population in the US at that time was 203 million. That was a mortality rate of 0.049%.

As of May 12, COVID-19 has killed 82,273 people with our population at 328 million or a mortality rate of 0.025%. For COVID-19 to equal H3N2 we would need a death toll of 162,000 to match the H3N2.

I was 19 in ‘69 and don’t remember anything about a virus then. Like many 19-year-olds then, all I cared about was what was going on in my little sphere and if I was going to be drafted.

What is the reason for the non-stop media and government coverage now and the massive fear they have created?

Why have businesses been shut down, our economy decimated and 30 million people out of work?

Why are people arrested for being outside?

Why is the handling of a deadly virus in 1969 versus 2020 so different?

Why have we allowed both our federal and state governments to take away our constitutional rights?

Are we no longer capable of making our own decisions regarding our safety?

Steve Parrish


Support of post office staff was appreciated

I want to extend my appreciation and a big THANK YOU to Denny’s and their staff. On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, they surprised the Yuma Post Office staff with a full breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, sausage links, pancakes, syrup, napkins, utensils, and butter too!

During these uncertain times, these kinds of gestures from people we do not even know, are a breath of fresh air and an assurance that we will make it through together.

With gratitude,

Arthur Imai

Yuma Mail Processing Clerk

Beware of gators at Yuma golf course?

Alligators in Yuma?

if you have ever played a round of golf in Florida you would not be surprised to see warning signs “Beware of alligators.” However, I was shocked to see a BEWARE OF ALLIGATORS sign by the lake on the 11th hole at Las Barrancas Golf Course. Several of my golfing buddies including Fred and Mike have warned me not to retrieve my balls if they end up in the water because they have noticed unusual moving objects that may be alligators. However, Fred assures me he had observed movements in the lake that look like alligators. Even Mark, head golf professional, reminds us to follow local rules and course information signs. In any event you can bet Fred, Mike and myself included do not want to take a chance. My motto: Obey the signs or you could be wearing Alligator Shoes prematurely.

Gene Autry Reynolds


Heroes always existed, even before pandemic

There have always been heroes! Why does it take a pandemic for the public to realize it?

Misty Plymale


Gadsden retreats don’t make sense

Why on earth did the Gadsden school district personnel and governing board hold out-of-town retreats on Coronado Island for five years, according to the news article on 5/19/20? That truly was an error in judgment by ALL who participated in the retreats. Why hold a retreat 400 roundtrip miles away, when there are numerous hotels, with conference centers, food and amenities, in Yuma County that could have met your need for “an environment free from distraction” and would LOVE to have had the business? The audit caught it, along with a great number of other troubling inconsistencies. That’s not a good way to show your support for Yuma County and a good way to waste money that should go to Yuma County education.

Paula Ortega



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