More patrols needed

on 32nd Street

Well it’s time again for people to be on their phone texting and talking at the same time while driving down the highway. This morning a young lady in a little red beat-up car was going west on 32nd Street and she kept drifting into my lane. When we got to the stop light I honked my horn and she looked at me and rolled her window down. That’s when I noticed she had a little girl about 4 years old bouncing all over the car and she had a baby in a car seat but the car seat was not secured. When she saw me looking she quickly put the phone down. She had been texting and talking for the last few miles.

Obviously she knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing that because she quickly put the phone down.

I told her to pick a lane and stay in it. She looked at me like I was the crazy one. She then turned left, the whole time cussing me out. Guess my question is why can’t officers patrol 32nd Street more than they do?

If officers could just patrol 32nd they could write so many tickets for people texting, talking on their phones and driving or going 35 mph in the fast lane instead of the posted 55 mph, or tailgating, just plain reckless driving.

I’m sure within a short matter of time they would be able to write enough tickets to pay for the extra patrol that they need.

Personal opinion, but I think if you’re driving around without your children safely secured and you’re pulled over or involved in an accident, you should instantly have your children taken away from you until you prove to the courts that you have completed many traffic safety courses so your child can travel safely.

She needs to care more about her children and put her phone down. She can talk or text on the phone when she’s parked. Mommies are supposed to protect their children and not put them in danger. This mommy must not realize that.

Something needs to be done.

Margaret Hopper


Want to see change? Then vote.

It’s an old story and it’s one that is written throughout history, how there is just no limits to political greed. Politicians putting themselves first, using patriot sugar talk as a means for profit.

Keep in mind when you vote, these individuals, who risk nothing, are responsible for the hardships put on the old, the poor and the disabled. The American citizen has one power against corrupt big-shot spending politicians. If you don’t like the direction Yuma or our nation is going, “vote.” A little gift left to us by our forefathers.

Willie Williams


Airspace filled with sounds

of freedom

I am an Idaho native, winter visitor for 14 years, and full timer for five years. I lived in Country Roads RV Park for 10 years, and a full timer in the Foothills since then.

I’ve had our planes flying over the whole time, sometimes so noisy we had to quit talking, and we loved every minute of it! We’d cheer and shout “The sound of freedom!” Please believe me, thousands of winter visitors and full timers alike are thrilled every time a fighter jet or other military plane flies over.

Those who want to complain would do so if God visited.

Please don’t let the few complainers ruin it for the thousands of us who love it.

I’m sorry we don’t express how much we love them more often. I’m as guilty as the rest, but I had to let people know at this time. We love having the Marine base and airplanes right where they are on 32nd Street. Please stay!

Gloria Neff


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