Veterans’ Thanksgiving dinner was delicious event

Disabled American Veterans Chapter has done it again! The Thanksgiving Dinner provided (free and open to the public) by the Chapter was outstanding, and food was plentiful, including a special request for real oyster stuffing.

The Chapter Commander and her crew worked tirelessly, roasting 26 turkeys, while all the other activities within the Chapter were in progress.

Not only Thanksgiving dinner - Sunday breakfast and Monday supper at a small fee are available.

Our Veterans are blessed to have this Chapter in Yuma.

Thank you, Dani and crew.

Job well done!

Gregory Gostomski


Time to heed words from Statue of Liberty

Citizens of Yuma know well the refugee situation at our border. Unusually large numbers of refugees seeking a peaceful, freedom-loving place to live have been promised amnesty to enter the USA legally and lawfully, and now are waiting for their numbers to be called to finalize the process. Taking care of these people has been a heroic effort, but as more restrictions have been placed, the plight of the people needs to call us to action to write or call our Senators and Representatives asking them to sponsor legislation to establish measures to right what has become an inhumane, frightening situation. These words proudly displayed on the Statue of Liberty, have been our historic promise to all through the years: “Give me your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these the homeless, tempest-tossed to me; I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” We need to heed them again.

Jean Rivers


Holiday should be spent with family

Randy Hoeft has hit the nail on the head again! Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday here. It is NOT political nor religious. It IS all about family. If you have no feast, even a peanut butter sandwich is good while you are together with family and loved ones. To that end, this Black Friday thing has really gone too far. You celebrate together, then it’s OFF TO THE STORE after dinner or on Friday to fight to save a few pennies, for gifts for everyone for Christmas and Hanukkah and whatever else, which are not holidays about merchandising! I never went shopping on Thanksgiving, never will. Black Friday is lost on me totally and the sales from Halloween on? I mean really?! This is a warm, fuzzy holiday feeling while stepping on toes, knocking into people to get that all important sale? REALLY?! Just sayin’ but I do shop-a lot - all year long when I find a sale, or make something personal. Just saying. I can then focus on being home with family and friends and loved ones. For me, at least, it’s not worth ruining 1 minute of the good feelings we feel when we gather. I personally wish they would close ALL the stores on Thanksgiving to give the day its due. Personnel at these stores belong home with family and friends. Hoping your day is a sweet, happy and healthy one. Please, don’t ruin it with shopping.

Carol Hoffman


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