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As new residents of Yuma and subscribers to the Yuma Sun, we are truly impressed by your paper. The only things we miss about our previous newspaper are the cartoons. “Shoe” and “Pluggers” would be great additions.

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I am writing to lend support to your decision to terminate this comic strip for the unforgivable vulgarity displayed on Feb. 10 of this year. I went online, to see for myself, before writing this letter so I would be better apprised of exactly what was printed by cartoonist Miller. It was in…

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I will miss “Non Sequitur.” In fact, I would rather read it, even after a missed profane word, than read “Phoebe and Her Unicorn” or “Breaking Cat News,” as I find those two comics to be dumb.

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One strike then you’re out? I’d rather see “Non Sequitur” than the vapid “Breaking Cat News.” I didn’t even notice the profanity and I read almost all the comics (not cat news) daily and Sunday.

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Wow! A big thank you to all the workers and participants who helped make the fourth annual teddy bear benefit a huge success. Special thanks to Lowe’s for donating the barbecue and allowing us to have the car show there and all the clubs and people who attended.

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I can’t even guess what each individual got or took from acting AG Whitakers’ horrendous biased grilling from the House Judiciary Committee hearing. To me it is just another attempt to skin, gut, and cook the President of the United States over an open fire pit. When does this mindless rheto…

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I don’t know what is more worrisome: That presidential campaigning for 2020 has already started, or some of the ideas that are coming out of those campaigns.

The state of our union is in need of repair. This is not in reference to the President’s State of the Union address to the nation. I am speaking of the state of our union we observe and endure daily.

I agree with Mr. Lacey until he uses the word “Democracy”. This country is not a Democracy: it is a “Democratic Republic.” There is an important distinction between the two, although I agree that it’s constantly used by the press and most of Americans, as if the two were equal.

I have a message for those who voted for Donald Trump and this is, we either get behind him in lending our support, or we can plan on kissing our country goodbye with its being overtaken.

Seems that for decades, “truth, logic, whatever” or “we need comprehensive immigration reform” has been the theme. Yet nothing ever gets accomplished. The answer is simply to be proactive and get to work on the issue as President Trump is attempting to do while the “truth, logic, whatever, a…

My favorite color is red but I forget why. I dislike seeing women wear anything but red lipstick. When did purple and black lipstick come into fashion?

I am writing to thank Yuma residents for sharing the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season.

Memo to “the guys” for the impending Valentine’s Day celebration: The stores are alive with the trappings and baubles of heartfelt love.

Streets were designed to assist the flow of automobiles. Sidewalks were designed to assist the safety of foot traffic and not to interfere with flow of street traffic.

Thanks, from the Honeycotte family. “Friends are the pillars on your porch. Sometimes they hold you up, sometimes they lean on you, and sometimes it’s enough to know that they are standing by.” Author unknown. The Honeycotte family finds this quote applicable because of my wife’s/our mom’s/m…

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the Golden Acorn fundraiser for American Veterans on Jan. 12th. Tour West America was able to give a total of $1,251 to be used for building the small houses for veterans. We had lots of fun on the motorcoach with games and prizes. We look …

At the Foothills Applebee’s, my wife and I were enjoying 30 percent off prices for dinner when a couple from across the aisle from us stopped on their way out. He said that I reminded him of somebody he liked very much, who is no longer with us.

The abortion issue has transcended from a moral/medical issue to a political football. Shameful. It seems to me that a woman has the right to abort a pregnancy during the first month or two — she can answer to the Almighty if she does — but once a baby can survive outside the womb, how can t…

Look before you leap. A great achievement arrives after a long thoughtful process that begins with the identification of a need or problem to be solved. Experts must thoroughly study the project, and then the project must be analyzed and designed. Project managers must have accurate facts to…

I have never claimed to be smarter than anyone. I try to stay away from trying to steer people to my way of thinking. Each of us is free to express our thoughts and opinions. I don’t think, I know, we are all inclined to sometimes question the wisdom of the comments, or the decisions, made b…

The whole country appears to be headed for, as my Granny used to say, “Hell in a handbasket.” You’ve got the governors of California and New York doing battle over which state can get more even further to the left. The governor of New York, a liberal Democrat, has signed a bill into law that…

The very large flag on 4th Ave close to the ‘big curve’ is tattered and torn. That is such a disgrace and I wish you would take it down. Thank you,

I’ve recommended to news organizations that a race is videotaped at one of the new demonstration wall segments near San Diego, where electricity and compressed gas are not allowed. I’d estimate that the winning team will be over the segment in less than 10 minutes. If true, think about those…

There are those who will never believe that the United States will build a wall around our country. If we doubt that this wall is going to be built, all we have to do is look at our own neighborhoods. In the ‘50s in the cities a 3-foot-high fence was adequate to keep your property safe. Toda…

The left-wing persecution of the Covington, Kentucky, Catholic High School students, particularly by the news media, reveals the true nature of liberalism.

There is a dual intent to this message to the Yuma Sun. First, it is a real privilege to write notes of appreciation for favors, advice, good service, etc. and feel they will be read by the ones praised. My second intention is to thank our own photographer Randy Hoeft for this recent photo o…

I lost my wife in October to metastatic breast cancer. I thought I was ready, but you’re never ready. Her passing ran me over like a freight train. I have severe clinical depression and it is very incapacitating. I am in therapy.

To the Editor of “King’s message about education stands true today”: Your editorial of Jan. 21, is so spot on and I have to compliment you on one of the best, if not the best, editorial I have ever read in the Yuma Sun. Martin Luther King was such a brilliant educator — we all need to listen…

I want to reach out to the wonderful lady who was at Yuma Therapy who offered us jumper cables. Our battery in our car went dead so we were waiting for Fisher’s tow truck.

Randy Hoeft is the best. Each day I look forward to the newspaper to see what pictures Randy has for us. His “First Takes” are so heartfelt. As far as I am concerned, Randy is never allowed to retire.

Shame on the thieves who steal produce from our fields, or groves of fruit trees. You would not enter a hardware store and take a hammer and walk out (they have so many!). This is taking a farmer’s hard work to keep our food safe, and makes the field workers’ job more difficult.

The City’s bicycle path plan is laudable but ill timed. A city that struggles to provide a competitive salary to its first-responders, can’t adequately maintain its roads, and can’t even get its citizenry to support a tax to improve those roads should not be spending money to build out a bik…

I want to express my concern over the unchecked use of fireworks during the holidays. Fireworks are extremely anxiety producing in people who suffer from PTSD and for many animals.

Our Independence, our Civil War, World War 1, World War II, the “Big War.” Last of the aim-your-gun BANG got-cha conflicts. Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, not many of us left. Lots of candles on our cake.

Having lived in the state of Arizona for 12 years now, I have to wonder if the tragic death of the policeman on the 101 freeway will possibly lead the state Legislature to finally outlaw the use of phones while driving in this state.

On Monday, we recognized the birthday and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On this day, I reviewed guides and searched TV shows using the words Martin Luther King and MLK. It distressed me that no major network or PBS broadcast was scheduled; only those on C-SPAN, BET, JBS and Reelz.

I read in the newspaper that Yuma will receive $152,000 in rebates from APS for converting to LED lights. How about using that money for road repairs, for example from Arizona Avenue and 16th Street to Arizona Avenue to 32nd Street or for pay raises for city police and the fire department? W…

As Democratic Socialists such as newly elected House member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the 14th District of New York continue to gain notoriety and influence within the sphere of politics, the precepts of liberty and free markets continue to come under assault.

Did you ever think yourself into a headache, or maybe even depression? In my advancing years — no job, no appointments (except for doctors) — there is a lot of time to think, but I’m considering giving it up because the more I think about the state of affairs surrounding us, the more things …

On Jan. 15th, 2019, I found a piece of metal in my backyard, 35’ from my house. It is a 12 gauge slug from a German made weapon. It is from people shooting firearms during the holidays. The police cannot do anything with it and nor do I expect them to, this particular weapon has a range of 1…

All, have you seen the latest commercial from P&G on “toxic masculinity?” If not I suggest you take a look at it. Gillette has now went full blown PC and is now schooling you on your destructive toxic masculinity and how you need to change. Yes P&G knows what’s best for you and more …

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