Summer is drawing near, and with it comes increased needs for our local nonprofit agencies.

In fact, staff at the Yuma Sun often hear that agencies need help in a variety of ways — donations of goods, food or money, for example, because while our population shrinks in the summer, the need in our community doesn’t.

Those agencies also need the support and assistance from volunteers, whose numbers drop in the summer, as people turn their attention to vacations.

Interestingly enough, at the same time, we’ve also heard from folks in Yuma County who want to help that it can be difficult to figure out what agencies need some volunteer assistance, and what, exactly, they need done.

That led us to wonder … what can the Yuma Sun do to help?

On the first and third Tuesday of each month, we currently have a feature for reoccurring activities called Ongoing Events.

And now, in that space, we’re offering a spot for organizations to send in specific volunteer opportunities, which we’ll feature in the Ongoing Events column.

With this system, organizations who are looking for volunteers have a space to list them.

And people who are looking to volunteer, even for just a few hours, have a place to check out current opportunities.

A great example is the Yuma Community Food Bank. Recently, the organization has been receiving giant bins of onions. They need volunteers to come by at least through June and help bag those onions.

Now, with a listing in the Ongoing Events/Volunteer Opportunities section, people in Yuma who are looking to help will be able to find the food bank’s listing, and in turn, be able to volunteer.

It’s a resource that benefits the community in a variety of ways, and it’s a space we’re glad to offer. Hopefully, it helps make connections where they are needed, when they are needed.

To list a volunteer opportunity, email


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