Talk about shopping overload! Over the last few weeks, it’s been impossible to dodge the onslaught of holiday sales, a frenzy that culminated with Cyber Monday deals.

According to the Associated Press, sales hit $7.4 billion in transactions in online sales on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales were estimated to take the online shopping total to $9.4 billion.

It’s a crazy amount of money to be spent in just a few short days, and for many, it may simply be too much to take in.

But take a deep breath, folks, because today, it’s Giving Tuesday, a day intended to take the pressure off of consumerism, and put the focus on the needs of others who might require a helping hand.

Organizers at note the intention is “a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.”

That, frankly, is an amazing idea- and one that doesn’t require opening one’s wallet.

One can give in any number of ways. Volunteer at a local community nonprofit or school. Check on your neighbors, and see if anyone needs a little help around the house or yard – especially for neighbors who may be elderly or have special needs or circumstances. One can even do something as simple as donating blood, which can help anyone at any time in our community.

Think of all the nonprofits in Yuma County that can use a little help this time of year: Amberly’s Place, the Humane Society of Yuma, Hospice of Yuma, Crossroads Mission, Adult Literacy Plus, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, Catholic Community Services, the Salvation Army, Helping Hands, Saddles of Joy, CASA of Yuma – this list is endless.

One can support the arts, animal programs, groups that support children, garden clubs and more.

Check out the variety of options available at – a community resource guide compiled by the Yuma Sun team. And then, spend some time today giving from your heart, and take a break from the consumerism of the last few days!

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