When painting the Lord’s Supper on the wall of a dining area in a church in Milan, Italy, Leonardo de Vinci was faced with a challenge. It was necessary to fit 13 more than life-size figures in a space measuring 14-feet by 30-feet. His solution was to draw the figures first and then add the background. Another artist faced a similar problem. His solution was to develop a background first and then fit in the figures.

When placing people in our life, we will find success in learning to make a new background rather than putting them into our background.

An exemplary illustration involves a very honest guide who was a noted hunter. One occasion he returned from a hunting trip with his pastor. Upon arriving, he wearily sat in his favorite chair.

His wife brought a greatly appreciated cup of coffee. She asked if the minister was a good shot. The guide thoughtfully paused. He never wanted to speak a negative word about anyone … especially his pastor. After a moment he responded, “He is a fine shot … but it’s marvelous how the Lord God protects the birds when he is shooting.”

The Rev. Paul Killingsworth serves as pastor at Yuma First Assembly.

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