• Thumbs up to the federal government, for passing legislation that makes the John M. Roll Federal Courthouse in Yuma an authorized venue for most federal court proceedings. It’s a great move, and one that should benefit Yuma residents.

• Thumbs up to the Middle School Career Exploration Project, the career exploration program now available to all middle and junior high school students in Yuma Elementary School District One and Crane School District. The program will help put students on track toward their future careers, which is a terrific idea!

• Thumbs up to Arizona Western College for offering a new class to help students learn the language of the Cocopah Tribe. The class teachers note that few people are left who can speak the language, so it’s wonderful they are working to revive interest in it.

• Thumbs up to Yuma Police Department Officer Tomas Salviejo, the school resource officer at Woodard Junior High School. He was recently presented with the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education’s Law Related Education Officer of the Year Award. Thanks for making a difference at Woodard, Officer Salviejo!

• Thumbs down to the increase in phone scams lately, including a new one that appears to be calling from the Yuma Police Department’s phone number. Scams are getting more sophisticated, so it is important to think critically, don’t give out any information, and don’t fall into the scammer’s trap.

• Thumbs down to the series of shootings in Somerton Friday night. No one was killed, but the three shootings happened minutes apart, and one person was injured by shattering glass. The outcome of these three shootings could have been much worse.

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down are compiled by the Yuma Sun editorial board, based on recent events, happenings and activities around Yuma County and the nation, and will appear on Fridays in the Yuma Sun.

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