• Thumbs up to Raiko, the Yuma Police Department’s K-9 officer! Raiko officially retired recently after a six-year career with YPD. Thank you for your service, Raiko!

• Thumbs up to Yuma, which was ranked No. 16 on the “20 Most Popular Places to Retire in 2019” list, as compiled by TopRetirements.com. We know Yuma is pretty amazing, but it’s always cool to see when others agree!

• Thumbs up to San Luis Mayor Gerardo Sanchez, for making an aggressive effort to make sure residents are counted as part of the 2020 Census.

• Thumbs up to Shelby Nash and her students at Woodard Junior High School, for their efforts to reach out to fellow students by wearing shirts that say “I will be your friend.” It’s a great act of kindness, and a positive way for students to establish new friendships and bonds at the middle school level, which can be challenging! Kudos to Nash and her students!

• Thumbs down to the ongoing violence in San Luis Rio Colorado, Son. The tally of violent deaths continues to climb. People have been killed in public places, and bodies have been found bound and wrapped in blankets in fields. It’s a scary situation – and one the city needs to get a handle on.

• Thumbs down to the potholes on our streets. There have been some improvements, yet some streets still look as though a giant stomped down the lane, leaving holes and cracks in his wake. Potholes are an ever-continuing complaint, but it’s time to see more action on this issue.

• Thumbs down to robo-telemarketers who sound like actual humans on the other end of the line, until the call really gets going. Telemarketing in general is annoying – but those robot calls really take the cake.

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down are compiled by the Yuma Sun editorial board, based on recent events, happenings and activities around Yuma County and the nation, and will appear on Fridays in the Yuma Sun.

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