• Thumbs up to the winners at the 2020 MATHCOUNTS competition at Arizona Western College! Ron Watson Middle School won as a team, while Samantha Chulamorkodt from Gowan Science Academy won first place in the individual competition, and Aydin Rogers from Ron Watson won first place in the countdown round. Congrats!

• Thumbs up to the Arizona House Appropriations Committee, which recently OK’d a bill –House Bill 2310 – that would provide $5 million in funding toward the Yuma County Fairgrounds relocation project. The bill still is in the early stages, but this is a great step forward.

• Thumbs up to Chitetsu Watanabe of Japan, who was born in 1907 and was named the oldest living man in the world Thursday, at 112 years and 344 days old. He says the secret to longevity is simple: don’t get angry and keep smiling.

• Thumbs up to the Yuma Foothills Optimist Club, which recently added new playground equipment to the Yuma Foothills Optimist Park on Camino Del Sol!

• Thumbs up to Housing America Corp., which recently turned over keys to the largest single group ever of participants in a self-help housing program in Somerton!

• Thumbs down to the doctor shortages plaguing Yuma, particularly at Sunset Health, which lost three obstetrics and gynecology providers recently. Yuma needs physicians to meet its medical needs – hopefully, recruitment efforts can quickly close the gap.

• Thumbs down to the shortage of Yumans willing to serve on boards and commissions at the city of Yuma. Yes, the positions are volunteer – but they fill a critical role in our community, and are a way for Yumans to give back.

• Thumbs down to the potholes all over the city of Yuma right now. We don’t have to look far to find them. Factor Avenue behind the Yuma Sun? What a mess! The same can be said for many of the streets in the Mesa Heights neighborhood right across from the Sun. It’s time for more investment on our city streets!

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down are compiled by the Yuma Sun editorial board, based on recent events, happenings and activities around Yuma County and the nation, and usually appear on Fridays in the Yuma Sun.

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