I have been reading the Yuma Sun for almost three decades now (!), but only a few months ago began reading one of the most entertaining sections of the Sunday paper: the YPD Recap.

First, I have to say it is well written. It is informative, categorizing the types of calls received, how many of each, etc. It also happens to be hugely entertaining — better than the Sunday comics — sometimes laugh out loud funny, and I can’t get enough.

From someone holding up a drive-thru for free hot sauce, to “honking a car horn excessively at nothing while driving wonkey” being a tipoff for police to pull someone over, each edition is at very least amusing. I can hear the writer confirming, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

And the issuance of “jammies and flip flops” never fails as a reliably satisfying punch line.

So who writes this? They deserve recognition, an award of some kind. Can the Yuma Sun launch “The Sunnys?” I nominate John Courtis to host.

I have to also point out that this kind of public relations approach reminds us that our police department is not just a jurisdiction; it is an accessible group of local professionals consisting of service-oriented individuals who display intelligence, creativity and humor. They are some pretty good people. Read the Recap!

Adele Hennig, Yuma

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