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Steven Guiterrez poses during the 2020 NPC Masters USA Championship back in December 2020.

At 59-years-old, Steven Guiterrez is one of the older competitors in bodybuilding events.

On Dec. 11 and 12, Guiterrez participated in the 2020 NPC Masters USA Championship hosted in Phoenix at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa.

The national show reeled in talent from all over the country.

However, Guiterrez’s constant preparation of working out and meal planning helped deliver him second place finishes in the 40-plus classic physique and 45-plus classic physique competitions. He also recorded a third place finish in the 50-plus physique event.

“I turn 60 in August of 2021,” Guiterrez said, “which is extraordinary to compete with some athletes nearly 20 years younger than me and place top-3 on a national level.”

Guiterrez realizes his performances and training couldn’t have been done without his wife, Stacy, and his son, Cole.

“I want to thank those two for helping me prepare for my first national level show. Without their help, it would have been very difficult to place top-3 in any of the divisions.”

His placements inside the top-3 in each event he participated in allowed him to qualify for both the 2021 NPC Masters Nationals and USA tournaments.

“I have an opportunity to get my professional card in both (tournaments),” he said.

For Guiterrez to receive his pro card, he must win the event.

The training for his goal begins now.

“Me and my coach will create a new workout and meal plan for me,” he said. “I’d like to be bigger and fuller, while still maintaining my weight at 170.”

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