• MacMorial Colorado River Tournament: Bobbi McDermott emailed results to share with us all, “We had 51 boats, 50 who fished, one broke. First place was won by Robby Ballew and Wallace Wright who weighed 28.24 pounds with the day’s big fish weighing 8.84 pounds. Second place went to Brenton Lute and Casey Hollis with 17.48 pounds. Third place was Josh Hodges and Bo Williams with 17.42 and a 7.27 pound kicker. Fourth placed was won by Charles and Cameron Lecthner with 16.74 and a 7.58 pound kicker. The second big fish of the day was caught by Jared Henry and Greg Johnson and weighed 8.49 pounds. The closest to 3 pounds pot was won by Bob and Chad Benton with a 3.06 pound bass.

In her email, Bobbi went on to say, “It was a beautiful day and for some folks, really great catching. 24 boats brought fish to the scales. There were no dead fish. All of the entry fees will be donated to the Humane Society of Yuma, not just 10%. Thank you to all the donors of the raffle prizes for being so generous. I hope everyone gives the Desert Anglers Club a try in 2020. Mike Obney is the tournament director. The McDermott family is thankful for all the love and support that the fishing community continues to give. See you on the water. Bobbi McDermott, rjsm09@msn.com.” So good hearing from you, Bobbi, so many great memories from you and Mac that we all appreciate!

• American Bass in Yuma: ABA held their season opener tournament for the Yuma region with a share of fishermen working hard to bring some decent bass to the scales. Gary Understiller and Ken Howden took first place with a total of 19 pounds for a five fish limit. Additionally, they received bonuses for placing in the top three and for the biggest fish at 5.56 pounds netting them a share of the pot for their effort. Other results include second place, Keith Lute/Jacob Lute; third place, Brenton Lute/Craig Johnson; fourth place, Jimmy Waits/John Turner; and fifth place, Trevor Reis/Kyle Georgi. Other results were sixth place, Roy Hawk/Mark White; seventh place, Billy Clothier/Charles Lechner; eighth place, Bob Voss/Chad Voss; ninth place, Joe Bistline/Liz Bistline; 10th place, Rob Wagner/Tim Bell; 11th place, Lanie Brock/Richard Gill. All our fishermen had to work hard, fishing was not easy. We paid through fifth place. No one was able to break the 8 pound pot so it will rollover for the next tournament. The 8 pound pot now stands at $1,500.

Our next tournament is Nov. 16 at the river. Sign-ups will be an hour before safe light at Fishers Landing. We hope to see some new teams come in and try to break that 8 lb pot! If anyone would like more information or has questions, don’t hesitate to contact Billy Clothier at 928-919-0304.

• The new Desert Anglers begins in January: With a format very similar to what Desert Bass Anglers had been, the club fishing tournaments will begin again in January as “Desert Anglers” with Michael Obney and his wife handling it — very good for all anglers in the Yuma, San Diego and Phoenix areas who enjoyed Desert Bass Anglers so much through the years. The tournament schedule can be found at the Hideaway on east 16th Street (Highway 95) where Mitch’s Bait Shop used to be or give Michael a call in the evening at 928-750-7081 or Blake Hash at the Hideaway at 928-581-4725. I’ll report tournaments and dates here beginning in November.

• Another great fun tournament coming up: Bob La Londe reports that YBMFMFT, the official date is Father’s Day weekend June 20, 2020 — unless some major conflict occurs or something catastrophic happens. Mark your calendar so you’ll be sure to remember and get in on the fun. Bob states, “When we fished the other day, I verified that Gerry Quigley is willing to be the chef for our 2020 forum members fun tournament. Thank you very much, Gerry. I’d also like to remind any participating members that if your health or stamina is an issue, you are more than welcome to only fish one or two rounds or just come out for the comradery at the end of the day.

Bob La Londe has also been approached to open up the Yuma Pro/Am Bass fishing club again, now that Michael has moved on to the Desert Bass that will replace the Desert Bass Anglers. Bob is considering it although he has conditions such as money and/or prize sponsors to support the tournaments and keep the anglers fishing happily. Anyone who might be interested in assisting and would like the Pro/Am coming back with him at the helm should visit him at YumaBassman.com — he needs to hear from you before making a decision.

Hunt happenings

• Thinking about adopting an animal but not wanting the responsibility of a cat or dog? The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) has an option that isn’t your average house pet.

Every year, the AZGFD adopts out captive Sonoran desert tortoises to Arizona residents through the Tortoise Adoption Program. These tortoises vary in age and size and are typically a product of illegal removal from the wild and captive breeding. Responsible Arizona residents interested in providing an adoptive home can submit an online application at azgfd.gov/tortoise. Adopters must have a securely enclosed yard or construct a separate enclosure/burrow to protect the tortoise from potential hazards such as a fire pit, unfenced pool or dogs. The enclosed area must include an appropriate shelter for the tortoise to escape Arizona’s extreme summer heat and a place to brumate — a seasonal period of inactivity similar to hibernation — during winter. Check out the complete article at azgfd.com/wildlife news or call Game and Fish in Yuma with questions at 342-0091.

• Venomous snakes encounters: When I wrote my Oct. 27 column in the Yuma Sun, I had written, at Chris Gales’ request, his message about venomous snake encounters. However, while my family and I were gone on my deer hunt, he emailed his second message that he had not meant the information to include the public, that, “It would not be an activity for the public, that, “I can’t offer folks snake encounters.” But he said nothing to me about that earlier so guess that turns out to be my goof. I am very sorry about that! In his second mailing he asked me to remove the item saying, “I’m sorry for the mistake on my part. Regards, Chis Gale of Gale Strategies at 203-570-4681.” Allow me to follow up in my next column with do’s and don’ts if you should ever encounter a venomous snake while out and about, through good and proper information from Game and Fish.

• Hunters! The University of Arizona latest report: The UofA asks, “Bring us your wildlife poop! In order to help farmers with food safety, they are conducting a research project examining bacteria in wildlife, and they need your help. From now through April 2020, they ask us to bring them fresh fecal samples from the wildlife you hunt, particularly in Hunts 41 and 43B. There are two ways to collect samples.” Using gloves, put feces directly in a zip lock bag or tie off a six-inch section of colon, remove it and put it in a zip lock bag. For birds, include all intestines. Label the bag using a sharpie, include date and time of sample collection, type of animal (or species), general location where animal was killed, your initials and contact information. Keep sample cool, but do not freeze. Drop off stations — Yuma Ag Center, 6425 W. 8th St.; or AZGFD, 9140 28th St., northeast of AWC. In Wellton, Avenue 29E and County 9th Street; Texas Hill at Avenue 52E and County 3rd Street.

Shooting sports

• 4-H Shooting Sports: The Yuma County 4-H shooting sports is open to any 4-H youth ages 9-19 with an end of the year competition in March. Call the Yuma 4-H office at 726-3904 or Stan Gourley at 344-0740 with questions or if you have a youngster who wants to join a 4-H club to get in on the shooting sports at the Ware Farm in Gila Valley.

• The Yuma Trap and Skeet Club: New schedule — regular shooting matches are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Matches held Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 4 p.m. at the Adair Park trap and skeet range. Fees $1 to sign-up with $6 non-member fee per round of 25 targets. Member’s fee $4 per round with 5 shooting fields available — field 1 & 2 skeet, field 3 wobble trap, field 4 & 5 trap. Eye and hearing protection required. Annual dues $30 per calendar year. November board meeting is 6 p.m. Nov. 18. Call Bob Avila at 928-919-0622.

• The Yuma Young Guns with the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP): The program, open to ages 9-25 still in school with a team of Arizona Game and Fish Department certified instructors assisting. SCTP practice at the range: 6 p.m. Wednesdays with the YYG tri-state fun shoot 8 a.m. to noon Nov. 16. Call head coach H. McNutt at 928-580-4838 or John Gross at 580-1836 for answers to questions.

• Renegade Archers of Yuma: Keep a check on this column for news of 3D animal shoots being held by Renegades at the Foothills Archery Range or call Kevin Wilson at 928-726-0953 if you’re interested in shooting the 3D trail at the range. Range fees are very reasonable and youngsters of all ages are welcome and always free of charge.

• Yuma Territorial Longrifles Club: Get in on the open black powder matches at the Adair Park range, 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. Call Roger Bickel at 726-7453 with questions or to ask about .22 matches.

• Cholla Gun Club: Club NRA approved matches will resume shooting now at Adair Park. 2019 silhouette match schedule at Adair Park with $5 shooting fee per gun: 4th Saturdays in January, February, March, November and December - big bore long range pistol; cowboy lever action rifle; pistol cartridge lever action rifle; .22 lever action rifle. These are NRA approved matches, however, NRA membership is not required to participate. 2nd Saturdays in January, February, March, November and December - black powder cartridge, vintage military rifle silhouette or fun match; vintage military rifle is any military rifle built up to 1952. No M14’s allowed. Chickens shot standing, pigs, turkeys, rams shot off of a ground rest. Replicating military positions while shooting. Bench rest 1/2 size targets will also be shot. This is all center fire calibers shot at 200, 300, 385, 500 meters. Other shooting schedules for the week: every Tuesday 8 a.m. Schutzen .22 rifle match on the black powder range. 20 shots bench rest at 100 yards and 20 shots standing at 100 yards. Bench rest match 50 shots at 50 yards. These are shot on alternating Tuesdays. Every Wednesday 8 a.m. informal get together for fun and plinking off the bench or standing. Practice your shooting skills, test your ammo for the gun you want to shoot it in. Every Wednesday 9 a.m. until finished BPCR .22 silhouette, .22 long range silhouette match. Every Friday 8 a.m. .22 and pistol cartridge caliber rifle and pistol silhouette fun matches. Informal get-together for .22 rimfire rifle or pistol and pistol caliber lever rifles or pistols. In addition, there will be some monthly NRL (National Rifle League) on the 3rd Saturday of the month throughout the year. Everyone is welcome. Club business meeting 2nd Tuesday November through March 7 p.m. Villa Alameda RV Park, Avenue 5E. Qualifications: Open to the general public. Instructions will be provided as necessary. Firearm limitations: All firearms must comply with NRA guidelines for each event. Cartridge limitations: Cartridges must not result in damage to the targets (i.e.,no belted magnums). Small bore is defined as .22 long rifle ammunition (no .22 magnums). Start times: Sign-up at 8 a.m.; shooting starts promptly at 8:30 a.m. Call president Rick Kelley 928-502-0736 or visit rickinyuma@gmail.com.

• High Power Rifle and Pistol Club of Yuma: All shooters are welcome to shoot with the club. Call Joseph Murek at 928-627-4556 with questions. Shooting activities are also available for club junior “Whipper Snipers” for all ages as well. Check club matches along with other club news listed on the club website at hprifleyuma.com.

• Yuma Matchmasters: A variety of matches are offered each month at the range, all open to shooters at 7 a.m. with the steel challenge the 1st Saturday, multi-gun matches the 1st Sunday, IPSC combat matches the 2nd Sunday with the cowboy fast draw the 3rd Saturday. SASS cowboy fast draw matches have moved from Saturday to the 4th Sunday. Call Ronnie Gissendaner at 726-0022 to check fall matches. Interested in cowboy action shooting? Call Irene Snyder at 920-613-4598 or Bob Wiles at 920-2158.

• Southwest Bowhunters Archery Club: Archery is offered Sundays with the practice range open all week at Adair Park. Call Keith Parsels at 782-1086.

Contact Jean Wilson at jeanrenegade@gmail.com or call 247-4450.

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