School: Kofa High School

Future plans: Adriana will be going to the University of Arizona Honors College in the Fall and majoring in Physiology and Medical Sciences. She then plans on going to medical school and becoming a Family Medicine Physician.

Accomplishments: A-Team, Yuma Heart Award "Outstanding Young Leader" 2019, YRMC Health Care Carrer Facilitator Scholarship: UA Baird, YumaCats, AZ Milk Producers, King Scholarship, LMSA Cinthya Felix Scholarship, UA Houston President's Fund, UA Class of 1957, YRMC Scholarship, Elks Yuma Scholarship

Extracurriculars: French Club, NHS, JSA, HOSA, Swim Varisty, Tennis, YRMC volunteer, Family Medicine Clinic Volunteer, UA MedStart, YRMC Health Care Carrer, Mentor Me MD

Favorite quote: "Everything you want is on the other side of fear" -Jack Canfield

Parents' names: Juana Medina & Octavio Medina

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